by adminepsec

Supporting strategic and operational management in the areas of expertise.

We have a proven track-record in providing knowledge on strategic and operational management of policies and projects in the key thematic fields.

Innovation & Enterprises

Capacity to innovate is a key competitive factor in today’s economies. We support creating the environments and policies that encourage innovation, research and development and entrepreneurship.

Society & Employment

We support the growth of the society. The key areas of our interest are employment, active labour market policy, age management and social inclusion of the disadvantaged.

Regions & Cities

Regions and cities are the places where the modern social and economic developemnt begins and lasts. Hence, our attention to policies that promote regional and urban sustaiable growth.

Tax & Financial Instruments

Tax and financial instruments are among key delivery mechanisms of social and economic development policies. We focus on raising awareness and maximizing the effects of using those tools.

Energy & Climate

Energy and climate are among top priorities in today’s social and economic policy agenda. We foster policy responses in the areas of energy production and efficiency, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Infrastructure is one of the fundaments enabling social and economic development.
We deliver knowledge helping to promote, monitor and assess the effects of infrastructural investments.