EPSEC – European Partnership for Science and Economic Competitiveness is an independent expert organization supporting social and economic growth and development of countries, regions and local communities through high-quality social and economic research and the research-based, advice to decision-makers and the public.

EPSEC was established in 2010 by its leadership in Warsaw, Poland, and covers in its activity the area of the European Union.

The mission of EPSEC is to be a high-quality trusted partner for public and non-public stakeholders of social and economic growth and development.


Jacek Kotrasinski
Adam Stulka
Agnieszka Przywara
Michal Wlodarski
Tomasz Sokol
Jakub Stefaniak

Members of the EPSEC Group

EPSEC is organised as a group of entities addressing the service offer to specific Clients and markets.