Estimating Financial Needs in Poland’s Development Policy

EPSEC is providing research and advisory services to the government of Poland to estimate financial needs and the financial gap in the areas of Poland’s development policy.

August 25, 2019

Proper targeting of public intervention under government and regional authorities’ development programmes requires, above all, identifying real financial needs in specific areas of public intervention.

EPSEC is leading a consortium acting for Poland’s Ministry of Investments and Economic Development.

The main objective is to develop a methodology that first allows for the assessment of real financial needs in individual areas of implementation of development policy.

Then – in the case of areas where there is a possibility of commercial financing – estimating the financial gap.

The financial gap is the amount of financial resources required to address market failure, suboptimal investment level or investment needs.

The gap may be due to the mentioned failure of market mechanisms or the inability to finance needs from own resources or from provided by the private market.

The developed methodology will be used to assess financial needs and the financial gap that could be met with the support of public funds under instruments implemented at national and regional level.